The Swedish Dance History

a collective choreography of 1000 pages

organised by INPEX and in

Stockholm on the 29th of April 2009

during the International Day of Dance

The silver covered book was released on the 2nd of June 2009 at PUB in Stockholm.  It was then launched simultaneously on the 26th of June at PAF (Performing Arts Forum) in France, and at PSI, the 15th Performance Studies International Conference in Zagreb.

Who is writing the history of dance today? What are the iconic images of dance? Who has written our recent history? Where is it published? Who published it? And who is reading it? How is it written? AND DO WE WANT IT TO BE WRITTEN THIS WAY?  The history of dance is initiated through dance. But it is the writers that fasten it, and the readers that secure it. It is up to dance to decide who is the writer. On the 29th of April, the International Day of Dance, a group of dance doers and makers came together in Stockholm. Together with all dance practitioners in the world living or dead we produced a book entitled The Swedish Dance History. The book was a claim to produce its own history: of choreographers and dancers, choreographies and dances, techniques and anecdotes, lives and destinies. And of course the book has nothing to do with history or Sweden, but prominent names make prominent reviews and sexy google searches. This is the making of history, and national is always good for sale. The Swedish Dance History is a collective choreography of 1000 pages. The book was printed in 2000 copies and everybody that contributed received copies to distribute. The book was given away and nobody made profit except the contributors. We tried to change the way things change.

We could not afford not to be part of this revolution.  eltiempoelespacioelespectador(a) contributed a review of the Colombian performance artist Maria Teresa Hincapíe.